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MobileHelp, America’s Premier Mobile Medical Alert System. Whether you’re home or away, for safety and Peace of Mind. No Long Term Contracts! Free Brochure! Call Today! 1-855-491-0732 (WCAN)
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UP TO $15,000 of Guaranteed Life Insurance! No medical exam or health questions. Cash to help pay funeral & other final expenses. Call Physicians Life Insurance Company 844-433-5898 or visit www.Life55plus.info/wcp (WCAN)
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STOP WORRYING! SilverBills eliminates the stress & hassle of bill payments. All household bills guaranteed to be paid on time, as long as appropriate funds are available. Computer not necessary. Call for a FREE trial or a custom quote today. SilverBills 1-844-962-2327 (WCAN)
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LONG DISTANCE MOVING Call today for a FREE QUOTE from America’s Most Trusted Interstate Movers. Let us take the stress out of moving! Call now to speak to one of our Quality Relocation Specialists: 888-660-6593 (WCAN)
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Become a Published Author! Publications sold at all major secular & specialty Christian bookstores. CALL Christian Faith Publishing for your FREE author submission kits. 1-844-268-6554 (WCAN)
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STROKE & CARDIOVASCULAR disease are Walworth County SmartShop

STROKE & CARDIOVASCULAR disease are leading causes of death, according to the American Heart Association. Screening can provide peace of mind or early detection! Contact Life Line Screening to schedule your screening. Special offer - 5 screenings for just $149! Call 1-888-675-5048 (WCAN)
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DENTAL INSURANCE. From Physicians Mutual Insurance Company. Coverage for (350+) procedures. Real dental insurance - NOT just a discount plan. Don’t Wait! Call now! Get your FREE Dental Information Kit with all the details! 855-807-9516 www.dental50plus.com/wicommunity #6258 (WCAN)
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ATTENTION Medicare Recipients! Open Enrollment for Medicare health plans is here! Call our licensed insurance agents for an affordable quote for your needed coverage. Call for a no obligation free quote now! 855-686-2201 (TTY: 711) (WCAN)
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TRAIN online to do medical billing! Become a Medical Office Professional online at CTI! Get Trained, Certified & ready to work in months! Call 920-600-8950 the Mission, Program Information & Tuition is located at CareerTechnical.edu/consumer-information. (M-F 8am-6pm ET) (WCAN)
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WESLEY FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC Timeshare Cancellation Experts Over $50,000,000 in timeshare debt & fees cancelled in 2019. Get FREE informational package & learn how to get rid of your timeshare! FREE consultations. Over 450 positive reviews. CALL 844-374-2565 (WCAN)
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